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Hi-QoS Streaming Server is a multi-use streaming server. Firstly Hi-QoS Streaming Server can connect to any audio and video source on your computer and stream live from it. Examples:
1. You can stream live video from a game or show on your cable TV if you have a capture card amongst your friends.
2. You can stream your desktop screen capture live on YouTube, Facebook, websites, and applications that accept webcam input.
3. You can stream your desktop screen capture and your webcam live video in PiP (Picture in Picture).
4. You can stream playlists of videos in high resolution with QoS (Quality of Service).
5. You can stream live video directly into an HTML5 video tag. The program lets you export the code directly to your web page.
6. You can stream your Internet radio.
7. You can stream your webcam to YouTube, Facebook, applications, and websites that accept webcam as input.
8. You can split your webcam video throughout multiple applications and websites. Natively the operating system does not allow you to split your webcam.
9. You can stream from external devices connected to your capture card.
10. You can stream movies in 4K, HD, and Ultra HD definition from your PC to your TVs and your other computers.

Hi-QoS Streaming Server streams under the following protocols: Virtual camera providing direct hardware video access, RTMP, HTML5, MMS, and MJPEG. If you're not streaming to YouTube, Hi-QoS Streaming Server delivers ready-to-paste scripts to embed live streaming in your webpage.

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Hi-QoS Streaming Server installs for you a virtual camera that is just like a regular webcam you purchase at the store, except it films your screen video instead of your face. Moreover, Hi-QoS Streaming Server's camera can connect to your physical webcam and split its video amongst several apps and websites simultaneously, thus overcoming a limitation of the Windows operating system. Finally, Hi-QoS Streaming Server's camera supports PiP (Picture in Picture), meaning it can mix screen video and webcam live video in the same video shot in real-time.

Hi-QoS Streaming Server keeps a recorded copy of what you stream directly to compressed MP4 or other formats you can select. Moreover, you can edit your streaming sessions after they finish.

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The program comes with built-in video and audio editors. Hi-QoS Streaming Server can also overlay text and transparent images over the streaming video.

Hi-QoS Streaming Server requires you to set up a port forward in your router if you choose to stream outside your Local Area Network using the MMS protocol or the HTML5 protocol. For all other protocols, there isn't such a requirement. Note that the MMS protocol guarantees QoS (Quality of Service): QoS takes care of network latencies and other network inner workings, ensuring clients receive uninterrupted high-quality content.

Main Features:

1. The program streams from any source available on your PC, including capture cards, webcam, microphone, movies, and computer screen.
2. Support for live streaming under the following protocols: Virtual camera direct video access, RTMP, HTML5, MMS, and MJPEG.
3. The program can stream screen capture and webcam video in PiP (Picture in Picture).
4. The program can overlay text and transparent images over streaming video.
5. The program offers ready-to-paste scripts for embedding live streaming on your webpage. Note that this is valid for the following protocols: MMS, MJPEG, and HTML5.
6. The program can stream to YouTube, Facebook, and webcam websites and applications.
7. The application splits your webcam video to be used on multiple sites and apps simultaneously, thus overcoming Windows operating system limitations.
8. The program allows you to save streaming setups in memory slots. This way, you don't need to reconfigure streaming tasks. Plus, you can switch between tasks with one click.
9. The program analyses your hardware on the first execution and gives you ready-to-execute tasks in a list written in natural language.
10. The application allows you to edit streaming sessions after they finish. The program comes equipped with a video editor and audio editor.

Extra features:

1. The program allows you to send files via e-mail and via FTP.
2. The application offers wizards to help set up tasks and settings.
3. Hi-QoS Streaming Server applies Artificial Intelligence to analyze hardware and create ready-to-execute tasks described in natural language.
4. The program supports the MMS protocol, which guarantees QoS (Quality of Service), meaning viewers receive uninterrupted stable footage.

Hi-QoS Streaming Server is a complete streaming solution offering you all the tools to stream live video and audio over the Internet or to devices inside your Local Area Network.