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URL Capture Pro is a dedicated web browser you can navigate and turn any web page into a PDF document or PNG image with just one click. Html2PDF Converter utilizes the Firefox web browser engine to be entirely secure. The program's experience is the same as using the Firefox web browser.

URL Capture Pro saves the web pages to PDF exactly as you see them. The program is also perfect for capturing screenshots of entire websites. The application can save websites to PDF, PNG, JPG, WebP, TIFF, and BMP. There is no loss of formatting when capturing the web pages.

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convert webpage to pdf

With URL Capture Pro, you can go back and forth among the web pages you visit, exactly like a regular browser. You can also go directly to a URL by typing it, pasting it, or dragging and dropping it on the program's web address text field. The application is straightforward and presents no learning curve at all.

URL Capture Pro runs on PC Windows and Mac. The program's user interface is fully scaleable and modern-looking. If you are running a Windows PC and have Adobe Reader installed, you may find the option to print web pages to PDF. Even if you have such an option available, the Html2PDF Converter is faster to produce PDFs because it is always one click away.

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Main Features:

1. Built-in web browser running Firefox engine. 100% safe to browse.
2. One-click to export web page to PDF, or capture it to PNG and other image formats.
3. Ability to password-protect PDFs.
4. No loss of formatting. What you see is what you get after being exported.

Extra Features:

1. The program offers all options of a regular modern web browser.
2. Html2PDF Converter is 100% secure for web navigation.
2. Scaleable modern-looking user interface.
3. The application presents no learning curve.

URL Capture Pro is perfect for capturing web pages to PDF documents and images. The program also exports web pages to the modern image format WebP. Google created the WebP format in 2010. The WebP format will be the next standard for images on the web due to its reduced size and for being True Color. Html2PDF Converter is a simple, powerful tool.