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Family 1AV

The family 1AV of programs is headed by 1AVCenter which holds all the functions of the family: screen recorder, webcam recorder, audio recorder, MP3 recorder, live streaming server, video streaming software, audio streaming software, surveillance software, webcam surveillance, PC surveillance, microphone surveillance, secure file sharing, secure file server.Tucows rated 1AVCenter with 5 stars.


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2016-10-10 UI improvements and important bug corrections.
2016-7-29 More secure digital signature.
2016-3-10 Inclusion of language Polish.
2016-2-10 Important bug corrections.
2015-11-20 Important bug corrections. Stabler.
2015-7-12 Shortcut manager closes automatically when the user executes a command.
2015-6-3 Uninstaller running correctly.
2015-5-26 Uninstaller running correctly.
2015-2-26 Clean install no offers.
2013-8-18 Important bug fixes.