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Family ScreenCamera

The family ScreenCamera is a group of full featured desktop screen recorders with the extra ability to serve as virtual cameras thus providing a video output to be shared on webcam applications and websites. Here is a list of the ScreenCamera family capabilities: screen recorder mp4 format, screen recorder wmv format, record screen and webcam together, AVI screen recorder software, WMV screen recorder software, screen recorder with picture in picture software pc, MP4 screen recorder software, broadcasting software for live video production, video mixing app, video publisher software, live video production software for pc.. Tucows rated ScreenCamera.Net with 5 stars.


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2016-10-10 UI improvements and important bug corrections.
2016-7-28 More secure digital signature.
2016-6-8 MP4 Recorder.
2016-5-24 Automatic zoom in and zoom out only under follow cursor mode.
2016-4-9 Ability to draw arrows, rectangles and ellipses over video.
2016-3-10 Compatibility with Windows 10.
2016-2-10 Important bug corrections.
2015-9-22 Better Zoom Out and Zoom In with mouse wheel.
2015-9-10 Better Zoom Out and Zoom In with mouse wheel.
2015-9-7 Ability to draw over video with the new Paint Toolbar.