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1AVCenter is a group of applications gathered in one intelligently designed user interface: screen recording software, audio capture software, live video streaming software, remote video surveillance software, windows file server, and more.

1AVCenter is a complete solution for audio and video capture & editing. In fact 1AVCenter includes the product Capture Boss with all of its features.

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Next, 1AVCenter is also a complete solution for live streaming on the main platforms YouTube, Facebook, and so on. 1AVCenter includes the product Hi-Qos Streaming Server with all of its features.

Still going, 1AVCenter is also a perfect solution for remote video and audio surveillance to keep a remote eye and ear on your webcam, desktop screen, and microphone. 1AVCenter includes the product Remote Surveillance Pro with all of its features.

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To top it off, 1AVCenter is also a secure file sharing professional web server for you to securely share your files without third parties involved over a regular browser. 1AVCenter includes the product File Sharing Pro with all of its features.

Main Features:

1. Personal file sharing server.
2. Windows screen recording software.
3. Video capture software.
4. Audio recording software for pc.
5. Live video streaming software.
6. Live audio streaming software.
7. Remote video camera surveillance.
8. Remote desktop monitoring software.

Extra Features:

1. Intelligent interface to safeguard each task in a profile slot never requiring reconfiguration.
2. Hardware discovery and profile creation wizard at startup requiring no configuration right out the box.
3. Sleaky user interface with capture window dettach for better desktop managment.

1AVCenter handles like a Pro everything related to video and audio on your PC.