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Convert, scale, crop, mark, flip, and rotate batches of photos quickly. Create beautiful slideshows quickly with drag & drop, preview, and sound tracks. Record movie segments or a screen region to high quality Animated GIF. Mark batches of photos with stamps of text & images with support for large photos. And more...


Features -> Photo Watermark Studio

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watermark photos Photo Watermark Studio is perfect to add watermark over batches of photos at once. Photo Watermark Studio is designed with the best practices on watermark photos in mind.
Photo Watermark Studio allows you to overlay your photos with transparent text stamps and transparent image stamps. The program supports a great deal of fonts and several effects can be applied to text including colors, rotation, shadow, underline, and more. batch photo watermark software
add watermark to photo Photo Watermark Studio supports 32-bit PNG images with alpha channel, and all most common image formats. You can add your business logo over photos to let viewers know where the photos came from.
The program works with layers so you can add multiple stamps. You can stamp even large batches of photos quickly. The program supports high resolution images including HD and 4K. batch watermark photos
Main Features:

1. Ability to stamp images over photos.
2. Ability to stamp text over photos. Large collection of fonts.
3. Effects like watermark rotation, text shadow, colors, automatic gridding, X mark over photo.
4. Export to same format or convert as you watermark to PNG, JPG, GIF, and other formats.

Extra Features:

1. Fast conversion even for large batches of photos.
2. Support for HD and 4K.

You can use Photo Watermark Studio to batch watermark photos quicly. Photo Watermark Studio gives you all the tools to create professional watermarks.


This software is free to use with no limitations for 21 days. After that you have to pay a one time fee. Our software is high quality and low cost.