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SuperLauncher is a windows task scheduler and a mac task scheduler that can save you time and make you produce more in less time by automating repetitive tasks and giving shortcuts to your most used everything. Plus, SuperLauncher is a powerful task scheduler.

SuperLauncher can launch any of your favorite apps and websites in only two clicks or directly through a keyboard combination. Another great feature you find in SuperLauncher is pasting recorded text into e-mails and website forms. Having recorded text ready to paste is a time & effort saver because you avoid typing the same paragraphs repeatedly.

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SuperLauncher is also a reminder to display your recorded messages at scheduled times with the option to sneeze, re-schedule, or dismiss. SuperLauncher utilizes its powerful built-in scheduler to program your reminders.

SuperLauncher allows you to schedule a task or set a reminder to run once at any time in the future, or you can, for example, schedule a job or place a notice to go off once a week during a period or once every two hours indefinitely. SuperLauncher can shut down or hibernate or restart your computer on a schedule or through a keyboard combination.

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Main Features:

1. Two clicks or a keyboard hotkey to launch any of your favorite apps and websites.
2. Advanced task scheduler with all sorts of options to run tasks once or every period inside a more extensive period.
3. Popup menu with all favorite apps and websites.
4. Popup menu with recorded text to paste in e-mails, webforms, and documents.
5. Set reminders to show at any time you can program with SuperLauncher's powerful scheduler. When a reminder shows, you can sneeze, re-schedule, or dismiss it.

Extra Features:

1. Ability to group two or more tasks into one by drag & drop.
2. With SuperLauncher, you can record your preferred keyboard combinations.
3. Built-in shortcuts for all most important system folders.
4. Ability to shut down, hibernate, or restart your computer as a task you can schedule or execute through a keyboard combination.

SuperLauncher can make you produce the same quantity of work you do now in less time with less effort. Plus, with SuperLauncher's powerful scheduler, you can schedule tasks and set reminders.