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Photo Slideshow Creator Pro is perfect for creating astonishing slideshows with a soundtrack quickly and easily. With Photo Slideshow Creator Pro, you add your photos, add the music, add the text titles, and immediately you can preview and export your slideshow. Photo Slideshow Creator Pro supports 4K HD and Ultra HD both for importing and exporting.

Photo Slideshow Creator Pro usability is through drag & drop. Using drag & drop, you can add photos, order them, add soundtracks, and add text titles. Photo Slideshow Creator Pro allows you to stamp text titles over the slideshow, either over the photos as they play or inside black frames you can insert.

photo slideshow maker
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Photo Slideshow Creator Pro exports slideshows to MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV, MPG, FLV, animated GIF, and modern animated WebP. The program comes with over 40 different transitions, guaranteeing a visually rich result. With Photo Slideshow Creator Pro, you can preview your slideshow exactly how it will look after being exported.

Photo Slideshow Creator Pro automatically joins audio tracks to compose the slideshow soundtrack, and you can order the audio tracks as you please. Photo Slideshow Creator Pro allows you to set the duration in seconds of slides and transitions. The program comes with one-click shortcuts to randomize transitions, reset the soundtrack, and equalize the time duration of slides throughout the presentation.

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Main Features:

1. Create astounding slideshows with just a few clicks.
2. Support for 4K, HD, Ultra HD.
3. 40+ different visually impressive transitions, including 3D effects, blur, pixelation, flash effects, and more.
4. User interface entirely 'Drag & Drop' based.
5. Built-in wizard to help you set up how to export your slideshow.
6. Support for all essential formats: MP4, WMV, MOV, 3GP, AVI, MPG, MKV, FLV, and then some like animated GIF and animated WebP.
7. You preview precisely how your slideshow will play after exported.

Extra Features:

1. One-click to shuffle transitions.
2. One-click to shuffle the photo order.
3. You can add soundtracks by drag & drop.
4. One-click to reset the soundtrack.
5. Fast exporting.
6. Vast list of parameters you can manually change to generate the slideshow video.
7. Dozens of presets to choose from presented by the export wizard.

With Photo Slideshow Creator Pro, you create spectacular slideshows with a few clicks. The export wizard will deliver your slideshow in a format ready to be burned to media, uploaded to YouTube, sent via e-mail, played on your video game console, and more.