Secure file sharing

personal file sharing server

File Sharing Pro is a professional web file server designed to share documents, photos, videos, and music securely. The program publishes a website from your computer that you can access from anywhere using any web browser without the need to install client software.

File Sharing Pro uses native operating system security to secure your files. It is as hard to crack your website's logon security as breaking Windows logon. Plus, File Sharing Pro's web server only serves files; it does not interpret or run code of any language, not even Html; The website Html code it returns to browsers is hardcoded, not interpreted. File Sharing Pro provides no possible entry points for hackers. The App is one hundred percent safe to execute without you having to worry about attacks.

File Sharing Pro allows your website's visitors to upload files from the client-side web browser to your computer. File Sharing Pro supports uploads of large files. Besides the client-side upload ability, File Sharing Pro offers a search box on your website for visitors to look for specific content directly.

File Sharing Pro allows you to share files without third parties involved. Cloud services will store copies of your files on their servers, so if you don't feel comfortable with this setup, then you can keep your files among you and your trusted contacts unworried. Plus, File Sharing Pro serves copies of your original files from its secured folder; your original files stay where they were.

Main Features:

1. Professional web server that works with operating system security authentication to publish and protect your files.
3. Support for over 100 MIME types.
4. Support for large files.
5. Support for client-side file uploading.
2. Web server does not interpret Html or any script of any language. It is a file server exclusively. It can not possibly run code on your computer, offering no doors for hackers.

Extra Features:

1. Ability to assign user access rights to pages.
2. Ability to serve executable files, which are particularly hard to share over the Internet.

File Sharing Pro allows you to share files over the Internet with complete security, firstly through a regular browser, secondly without the need to install client software, and finally without 3rd parties involved.