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ScreenCamera.Net transforms your webcam into a live streaming studio. With ScreenCamera.Net, you can stream video from the webcam, screen capture, movies, and audio files. You can also overlay images and text over live video. ScreenCamera.Net can capture the computer screen from all monitors with a specialized toolbar to help you manage what you intend to grab from the screen.

ScreenCamera.Net works by layers allowing you to switch between layers with one click or superimpose them. You can, for example, switch from webcam video to screen capture with one click, or you can have both screen capture and webcam video on the same shot. You can change a layer's size, position, rotation, and transparency.

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ScreenCamera.Net allows you to overlay transparent images and text over the video to brand your content. ScreenCamera.Net also will enable you to overlay a customizable date time stamp over the video. Regarding text, ScreenCamera.net supports a large number of fonts.

ScreenCamera.Net is compatible with YouTube, Facebook, Linked In, and all applications and websites that work with webcams. ScreenCamera.Net allows you to capture photos and record video from the camera. Additionally, ScreenCamera.Net comes with a built-in image printer module for high-accuracy photo printing.

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Main Features:

1. Virtual camera compatible with YouTube, Facebook. Google Meet, and all applications and websites that work with webcams.
2. Layer-by-Layer framework allows for a lot of flexibility. The possibilities for setups are endless.
3. ScreenCamera.Net captures all your monitors.
4. Screen capture toolbar to help you grab what you need from the screen with abilities to zoom in & out, follow an area around the cursor, and even capture one window exclusively.
5. ScreenCamera.Net captures your webcams.
ScreenCamera.Net plays movies and audio tracks.
7. Ability to overlay transparent images and text stamps to brand your content.
8. Ability to overlay customizable date and time stamp over the video.
9. ScreenCamera.Net can record the camera directly to MP4, WMV, or AVI.

Extra Features:

1. Built-in video browser for you to review the videos you record.
2. Built-in photo browser to store the images you capture.
3. Built-in highly accurate photograph printer.

ScreenCamera.Net supports video capture cards to capture TV channels or external devices connected to the boards, such as Camcorders, Video mixers, and even VCRs. Getting your setup ready is easy after you watch some introductory videos here. Once your structure is ready to go live, everything is always one or two clicks away. It operates by making layers visible and invisible, thus switching from scenes with a few clicks.