Screen capture sdk

screen capture sdk

ScreenCamera unifies two advantageous abilities: screen capture and live streaming. Most of our customers are schools and universities that use ScreenCamera SDK as a webcam splitter and screen capture camera source to work with Zoom to stream and record online classes.

ScreenCamera SDK has been successfully deployed on tens of thousands of computers. The SDK has been around for over ten years and was once Target's preferred choice for their live support division. The package is rock stable plus integration is easy because ScreenCamera SDK API is Microsoft's ActiveX based.

screen video capturing sdk
net video capture sdk

ScreenCamera comes with a Tester module with buttons with API calls for names. From the Tester module, you can create a script of what your software will require from ScreenCamera and in which order, and then apply it to your solution in a few lines of code.

ScreenCamera SDK allows you to show screen capture and webcam video in PiP (Picture in Picture). Direct API calls enable your application to tell ScreenCamera to switch among screen capture, webcam only, or both screen capture and webcam in PiP (Picture in Picture).

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Main features:

1. Live streaming SDK compatible with YouTube, Facebook, Linked In, and all platforms, services, and applications.
2. Screen Capture SDK that captures screen to MP4 and WMV, with configurable frame-rate.
3. Ability to stream and record screen capture and webcam video in PiP (Picture in Picture).
4. Ability to capture screen to PNG and JPG.
5. Easy to integrate under any development environment because ScreenCamera SDK API is ActiveX based.
6. No special installation requirements.
7. SDK compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and Windows 10.
8. Rock-solid stability. SDK has been deployed on tens of thousands of PCs.

Extra features:

1. Tester with API calls for button names to facilitate comprehension and integration. You can script the code and then integrate it into your project using a few lines using the Tester.
2. Code samples for several different development environments.
3. Support responses within 24 hours maximum during the entire integration & deployment process.

ScreenCamera SDK is the perfect solution for the home office and home school era. The program puts together the skills of screen capture and direct video memory access through its virtual camera to provide a unique easy-to-integrate modern ability to your applications.