Snap & Share

With Snap & Share screen capture Mac software, you capture your screen and share it on social media or receive a public Internet link to share it. Snap & Share comes with a full set of tools for post capture like cropping, annotating, blurring sensitive information, highlighting text, and more.

Snap & Share allows you to capture your screen with a hotkey at any moment. The program immediately pops up with a clean comprehensible user interface where you can make your quick editions and post for instant sharing.

Snap & Share puts together 3 abilities: Capture, edition, and sharing. The program was designed to combine all 3 abilities to streamline the process.

Screenshots are captured in PNG format in high quality and small size. There is no limitation to how many screenshots you can share. The program offers no challenges to new users as it is well layed out. Uploaded screenshots stay online forever.

Main Features:

1. Screen capture to PNG in high quality.
2. Ability to crop, annotate text, highlight text, draw over, draw arrows, blur sensitive information, and draw rectangles and ellipses.
3. Ability to instantly share to social media.
4. Snap & Share gives you an instant Internet link for you share your screenshot on e-mail, chat, webpages.

Extra Features:

1. Easy-to-use interface.
2. The links you share are forever online.

Snap & Share is an awesome screenshot capture annotate and share software for the Mac. You will find all you need to quicly share your intended messages through screenshots.

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This software is exclusive for MacOS 7 to 15.

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