Photo Slideshow Creator Pro

Photo Slideshow Creator Pro is perfect for creating amazing slideshows with music quickly and easily. With Photo Slideshow Creator Pro, you add the photos, add the soundtracks, and immediately you can preview and export your slideshow. Photo Slideshow Creator Pro supports 4K HD images and exports to high definition as well.

Photo Slideshow Creator Pro usability is practically through drag & drop. Using drag & drop, you can add the photos for the slideshow, order them, remove them, and add soundtracks. Photo Slideshow Creator Pro allows you to shuffle images or transitions with one click. One-click completely changes your slideshow.

Photo Slideshow Creator Pro can export slideshows to MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV, MPG, FLV, animated GIF, and modern WebP. The program comes with over 40 different transitions to play in between photos guaranteeing a fantastic result at the end.

With Photo Slideshow Creator Pro, you can add multiple audio tracks and the program automatically joins them. Plus, you can control the duration of slides and transitions. Photo Slideshow Creator Pro comes with one-click shortcuts to quickly set up your slideshow.

Main Features:

1. Create amazing slideshows in just a few clicks.
2. Support for 4K and HD photos and high definition video output.
3. 40+ different transitions, including 3D effects, blur, pixelation, stretch, flash, and more visually impressive transitions.
4. User interface drag & drop based.
5. Built-in wizard to help you choose the slideshow output format and video & audio properties. You can create slideshows to send via e-mail, play on Blu-ray, upload to Youtube, and a lot more.
6. Support for all essential formats: MP4, WMV, MOV, 3GP, AVI, MPG, MKV, FLV, animated GIF, and WebP.
7. WYSIWYG Preview Feature: You see precisely how your slideshow will play.

Extra Features:

1. One-click to shuffle transitions.
2. One-click to shuffle the photo order.
3. You can add soundtracks by drag & drop.
4. Exporting is fast.
5. Vast list of parameters you can manually change to generate the slideshow video.

With Photo Slideshow Creator Pro, you create marvelous slideshows with a few clicks ready to burn to Blu-ray, upload to YouTube, send via e-mail, share on your phone, and more. The program comes with a built-in wizard to help you create slideshows ready to share on your favorite media & platforms.

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