Photo mixer

photo mixer

Photo Mixer is a powerful photo mixing app designed to join photos together in artistic and creative ways for sharing and creating content.

Photo Mixer lets you apply every composition effect supported by the latest Mac OS to create amazing looking composition photos.

join photos together
photo mixer

Photo Mixer photo joiner is a perfect way to join 2 or more pictures side by side in a strip. The strip can be horizontal or vertical, and you can mix the photos in the strip.

Combine photos by dragging them, apply transparency over composition of photos, apply shapes over images, apply color effects to photos, and much more.

photo mixing app

Main Features:

1. Ability to combine photos in 5 different composition styles.
2. All composition effects made available by Mac OS are available to be used with Photo Mixer.
3. Ability to join 2 or more pictures side by side in a strip horizontal or vertical, and have them mixed together.
4. Ability to make complex compositions of photos making use of transparency, shapes and effects.

Extra Features:

1. Easy-to-use straightformawrd user interface.
2. Support for all most common image formats on export.
3. Support for HD and 4K images.

With Photo Mixer, you can join photos to share nice memories between friends and family, and you can mix features to create real unique and beautiful pictures.