Ip camera viewer

ip camera multiple viewer

IP Camera Multiple Viewer is perfect for viewing, capturing, and recording IP cameras. IP Camera Multiple Viewer connects to all protocols used by IP cameras: RTSP, ONVIF, MJPEG, JPEG, and USB. If you have the IP camera's URL, IP Camera Multiple Viewer can connect to it.

With IP Camera Multiple Viewer, you can view all IP cameras simultaneously in one scalable viewport. IP Camera Multiple Viewer allows you to turn on motion detection and automatically record video from the IP cameras.

IP camera viewer
IP camera viewer windows 10

IP Camera Multiple Viewer allows you to save your setup to a file you can open later instead of adding the cameras every time you run the program. You open your file instead, and the program opens all cameras at once.

IP Camera Multiple Viewer can also connect to your computer's webcam. The program allows you to scale the viewport up or down to increase or decrease the size of cameras. The program can also open each camera on a separate window you can detach and even send to full screen.

ip camera monitor

Main Features:

1. View all IP cameras under one scalable viewport.
2. Take pictures and record video from the cameras.
3. Turn on motion detection to record cameras automatically.
4. Save your camera list and settings to a file and open it at once at a later time.
5. Get camera information in one click.
6. Connect to USB Firewire cameras.
7. Connect to ONVIF cameras and send Pan, Tilt, and Zoom commands.

Extra Features:

1. Convenient folders to store video files and photos.
2. Lightweight. The program does not demand a high number of CPU cycles.

IP Camera Multiple Viewer works as a monitoring center with motion detection perfect for keeping an eye on multiple IP cameras at once and recording everything that happens for later review. IP Camera Multiple Viewer connects to IP cameras' streams.