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Mac Web Server is a robust http server and http file server for the Mac mainly designed for 2 purposes: Publish websites right from your Mac to the open Internet, and test websites before putting them into production.

Mac Web Server gives you the power to publish websites right from your Mac out to the open Internet. For that you will need to do a port forward on your router to enable users on the Internet to connect to your website or websites. Mac Web Server supports OS level authentication and you can protect your website or websites with credentials.

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If you desire to test websites before putting them into production Mac Web Server is ideal as it supports multiple websites simultaneously allowing you to test mutltiple versions at the same time.

Simple to use you need only to add your website root folder to Mac Web Server and it takes care of the rest. Mac Web Server fully supports HHTP 1.1 and servers all well known mime types.

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Main Features:

1. Ability to publish full websites right from your Mac fully secured.
2. Ability to publish multiple websites simultaneously.
3. Easy to use interface with little to configurate.
4. Ideal for website development pre production.

Extra Features:

1. Robust file server with support to all most common mime types.
2. Support for native operational system authentication for user website login.

Mac Web Server is a reliable and secure way of serving HTML and files to web browsers anywhere.