How to screen record

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Snap & Share is ideal for capturing the computer screen at any moment, editing it, and sharing it on social media, e-mail, and online links. The App uploads your modified screen capture to our servers and gives you back a live link for you to share.

Snap & Share comes with a complete set of tools for post-capture like cropping, annotating, blurring sensitive information, highlighting text, drawing arrows, and more. The application supports undo and redo operations.

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Snap & Share is ideal for capturing the screen and quickly editing it to make your point across amongst those with whom you are sharing the screenshot.

The application allows you to capture the screen by pressing a keyboard hotkey. After the program captures the screen, it automatically presents itself for you to start editing.

awesome screenshot capture annotate and share

Main Features:

1. One keyboard hotkey to capture the screen and activate the program for instant edition and sharing.
2. Ability to crop, annotate text, highlight text, draw over, draw arrows, blur sensitive information, and draw rectangles and ellipses.
3. Ability to share to social media and e-mail.
4. The program uploads the screenshot to our servers and gives you back a live link you can share however you want.
5. Undo & redo operations.

Extra Features:

1. Easy-to-use interface exhibiting no learning curve at all.
2. User interface automatically shows after you press the keyboard combination you choose to capture the screen.

With Snap & Share, you will find all you need to share your intended messages through screenshots quickly.