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Animated Banner Maker is a powerful animated gif maker that creates key-frame-based animations of images, text, and shapes by size, position, color, transparency, and rotation along a timeline. Animating with Animated Banner Maker is similar to animating with old Macromedia Flash. The rich visual content you can generate with Animated Banner Maker you can only reproduce with Adobe Animate.

Animated Banner Maker is for users with experience in key-frame animation. Animated Banner Maker has the tools for users to create one scene short animations' banners. Animated Banner Maker generates animated GIFs or modern WebP as output.

animated gif maker
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Animated Banner Maker works with transparent PNG images. The program also provides a large variety of fonts for text. All symbols are anti-aliased. Animations created with Animated Banner Maker come out smooth. With Animated Banner Maker, you can create banners of any dimension, including vertical and horizontal banners.

Animated Banner Maker has a proprietary file format so you can save your work and open it at a later time. The program user interface consists of a list of symbols and key-frames along a timeline, plus a real-time WYSIWYG preview canvas. With Animated Banner Maker, you can work fast if you follow some simple rules, so make sure to read the Tips section of the user guide before starting to use the product.

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Main Features:

1. Create banners of any dimension, horizontal or vertical.
2. Create a type of rich content that only Adobe Animate can reproduce.
3. Animate images, text, and shapes by position, size, color, transparency, and rotation in a key-frame fashion.
4. Save animations to animated GIFs or modern WebP.
5. Save your work to open at a later time.
6. A large number of fonts.
7. Smooth output. No edges. No pixelation. All elements are anti-aliased.
8. Real-time WYSIWYG preview canvas.

Extra Features:

1. Mouse-based operation.
2. One-click shortcuts for changing canvas dimension, background color, animation duration, export, open & save work.
3. You can achieve fast mode by following simple rules provided in the user guide.

Animated Banner Maker is perfect for creating eye-catching animated banners ads to elevate conversions effectively.