How to convert swf to mp4

swf to video converter

SWF files are Macromedia's Flash files and stand for Small Web Format, sometimes referred to as ShockWave Format. Media players can not play SWF files. Here is where 1AV SWF Video Converter comes in: It turns the old format into playable video.

The program converts SWF to videos you can burn to media, upload to YouTube, send via e-mail, share on social media, and more. The application comes with an export wizard to make it easy to select for what purpose you need the conversion. The conversion is fast, and with the wizard's help, you get it done with just a few clicks.

SWF was once the preferred format for animations on the Web. Still, as the Web evolved into a more secure environment, the SWF technology became obsolete primarily because of security issues. SWF generated rich visual content, and due to its popularity, there are many movies in this format sitting around without any use. With 1AV SWF Video Converter, you can bring these movies back to use.

With 1AV SWF Video Converter, you can turn your old SWF movies into modern MP4, SWF to MOV, SWF to 3GP, SWF to FLV, and many other formats. Plus, you can manually tune video and audio settings for the conversion if you have special requirements. 1AV SWF Video Converter got you fully covered.

Main Features:

1. Ability to bring deprecated SWF movies to modern reproducible formats.
2. Ability to capture the audio from SWF files.
3. Wizard to help you convert your files to what you need in just a few clicks.

Extra Features:

1. Straight to the point operation presenting no learning curve.
2. Dozens of video formats and parameters to get you what you need.

1AV SWF Video Converter is perfect for bringing your old SWF files to use. If you have SWF movies sitting around, 1AV SWF Video Converter will help you turn them into something you can utilize.