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mac find large files

Fat File Finder is the quickest way to find large files on your computer and remove them to gain disk space. Fat File Finder runs on Windows PC and Mac. The program shows you a pie chart with the occupied disk space and the free disk space upfront and updated in real-time as you remove files.

With Fat File Finder, you follow five simple steps to find the large files on your hard disk:
1. Select a folder to be the root of your search.
2. Define how deep in sub-folders the investigation will go.
3. Choose the minimum size to search for or define a size range for the examination.
4. Optionally, you can specify file name wildcards for the search.
5. Start the search.

find big files in mac
find big files mac

Fat File Finder allows you to choose standard system folders to be the root of the search, like, for example, the 'Downloads' folder, the 'Documents' folder, the 'Program Files' folder, and all other folders that tend to accumulate large files over time. You can stop the recursive search at any moment.

After Fat File Finder finds you the files matching your search criteria, you can choose to:
1. Send files to the recycle bin.
2. Remove files permanently.
3. Shred files using international data erasure standards such as DOD 5220.22-M, NATO, and others. Shredding files means removing them beyond the possibility of recovery, even employing specialized software.

find big files macos

Main Features:

1. Shortcuts to start searching directly from system folders known to accumulate big files over time.
2. You can define how down in sub-folders the search will go.
3. Real-time pie chart showing occupied and free space.
4. You can specify filename wildcards for the examination.
5. You can cancel the search at any time.
6. The search is fast and precise. The program traverses folders and sub-folders, finding every file matching the search criteria.
7. The program allows you to sort the found files by size, extension, name, and containing folder.
8. You can send found files to the recycle bin.
9. You can remove files permanently.
10. You can shred files beyond any possibilities of recovery.

Extra features:

1. Support for international file erasure standards for shredding files beyond possibilities of recovery.
2. You can search by minimum size or specify a size range.
3. The application is rock stable and perfect for any computational environment, from home computers to data servers.

Fat File Finder has a straight-to-the-point user interface and packs all the features you need to quickly identify large files you no longer use, remove them, and immediately gain valuable disk space. The software is reliable and effective for utilization from home computers to data servers.