Face morphing software

photo morphing

Multiple Face Morpher is perfect for creating morphing transformations of various faces. With Multiple Face Morpher, you add as many portraits as you wish, and the program does all the rest. The program aligns all faces, cropping and scaling images automatically. After the overall alignment, the program applies Delaunay's triangulation over each face. Delaunay's triangulation breaks an image into triangles with the most open angles possible. When morphing takes place, this type of triangulation avoids the formation of edges in the transformation.

With Multiple Face Morpher, you can order the portraits as you wish. The program presents a timeline slider where you can click and see any stage of the transformation. When you change the order of photographs, the program automatically recalculates and gets all set up immediately. The program requires no action from the user after he adds the photos.

face morphing software
photo morphing

Multiple Face Morpher creates impressive animations you can export to video MP4 and export to animated GIFs. Additionally, the application also exports to animated WebP. WebP is an image format and an animation format created by Google to be the standard format for the future Internet. The WebP format occupies reduced space on disk and supports over 16 million colors. All web browsers already support the WebP format.

Multiple Face Morpher firstly discovers facial points by utilizing artificial intelligence. Secondly, the program applies Delaunay's triangulation to break the portraits into triangles with the most open angles. Thirdly the program translates points and mixes colors between each triangle between two faces. The application repeats the process for each picture on the list. Multiple Face Morpher allows you to see the triangulation mesh of all portraits and the in-between image along the animation timeline. This feature shows you how the underneath mathematical transformations work. The program allows you to set the speed at which the animations will play on web pages and video players.

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Main Features:

1. AI Face Recognition followed by meshing by Delaunay's triangulation to guarantee optimal results.
2. Preview any stage of the morphing transformation positioning the timeline slider.
3. Export the morphing animation to MP4, MOV, WMV, AVI, MPG, animated GIF, or animated WebP.
4. Define the speed the animation will play on players and websites.

Extra Features:

1. Ability to share results on social media and e-mail.
2. View the triangulation mesh and understand visually how the mathematical transformations work.
3. The program requires minimum effort from the user. All you have to do is add the pictures and order them. The program does all the rest unassisted.

Multiple Face Morpher is the perfect solution for numerous face morphing along a timeline. Multiple Face Morpher offers plenty of output choices. The program also offers plenty of sharing options for you to have fun with your friends when your transformation is ready.