Face morph

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Create stunning morphing animations from 2 faces transforming smoothly from one to the other in a magical mathematical and visual transformation.

Face Morpher is a face morph app equiped with AI facial recognition so it automatically recognizes face points for the morphing transformation. All you have to do is add the 2 portraits and you're all set.

face morphing software
photo morphing

You can preview any stage of the transformation before exporting it to video MOV or animated GIF. Other video formats are also supported.

Face Morpher face morphing software automatically crops the centered face for optimal face morphing results between the 2 photos. Exporting is fast and you can control the frame-rate of the animation. Looks magical any way you play it.

face morph

Main Features:

1. Artificial Intelligence Face Recognition.
2. Morphing by triangulation technology.
3. Preview of any stage of morphing transformation through a slider.
4. Export is fast.

Extra Features:

1. Ability to setup the frame-rate for export.
2. Ability to share results on social media.

Face Morpher is perfect to create amazing morphing transformations between two faces with multiple output choices like MOV and animated GIF.