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pdf slideshow

PDF Slideshow Presenter presents your PDF file as a slideshow with a ton of features to enable you to give great presentations without converting a single file or having to change one setting.

PDF Slideshow Presenter provides 25+ different transitions that it shows between PDF pages including 3D effects, and photo slideshow software based effects.

pdf presentation
pdf slideshow

PDF Slideshow Presenter is how to present a pdf like a powerpoint. You have control of slide time, you can go back, you can zoom in a part of the document, you can annotate text over the document, you can draw arrows, and highlight text ares of the document.

The program allows you to go Full Screen with the help of a tiny toolbar to take complete control over the presentation.

pdf presentation

Main Features:

1. Ability to play a pdf as a slideshow.
2. 25+ different transition effects.
3. Ability to pause and zoom in into an area of the document.
4. Ability to pause and pass a transparent marker over text in the document to highlight it.
5. Ability to pause and annotate text over the document.

Extra Features:

1. Ability to set slide time to play.
2. Tiny control toolbar easy-to-use that does not interfere with the presentation.

With PDF Slideshow Presenter, you play a pdf as a slideshow, much like a powerpoint. No file conversion required. Full featured.