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Batch Video CompreXor is perfect for reducing the size of video files. Batch Video CompreXor reduces video files by reducing video & audio quality by a percentage you define, so you can turn your videos into any size you want. Batch Video CompreXor works with MP4, WMV, MOV, MPG, AVI, FLV, and most common video formats.

You may be required to reduce the size of your videos to upload them to services or send them via e-mail. With Batch Video CompreXor, you can reduce the size of your videos to whatever requirement you encounter. You can also gain disk space by reducing the size of your video library.

compress video mp4
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Batch Video CompreXor works in batch, meaning you can reduce the size of multiple videos at once. Note that the level of compression is unique for each video. The compression process is fast, and it will depend directly on the duration of the movies on the list and the number of total videos lined up for compression.

With Batch Video CompreXor, you can go ahead and get rid of the movie audio all together reducing the size of the video file without messing with its quality. The quality loss is imperceptible when you reduce videos by a percentage equal to or above 80%.

compress video file

Main Features:

1. Ability to reduce video files' size to whatever size requirement you may have.
2. Ability to compress large batches of files at once.
3. Compression algorithm designed to minimize quality loss.
4. The program works for most common video formats, including MP4, WMV, AVI, MPG, FLV, and MOV.

Extra Features:

1. Speedy compression.
2. Individual compression settings for the videos in the batch.
3. Ability to reproduce the videos.

Batch Video CompreXor is simple to use, presenting no learning curve. The program makes fast compressions, and with it, you can turn your videos to whatever size you need while minimizing quality loss.