How to make a password protected vídeo on Windows 10

You may want to protect a vídeo so that only users with the password can watch it.

Video Password Protection Pro does exactly that. The program works for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10, 32 and 64-bits.

Open Video Password Protection Pro.

Add the vídeo files you wish to protect. You can add a folder.

Preview vídeos to exclude unwanted ones in the batch.

Hit the ‘Password’ button. Set the password.

Hit ‘Convert’.

Job done!

Now Video Password Protection Pro has converted your vídeo files into executables protected by a password.

Now go ahead and open one of the protected vídeo files.

You will be prompted by a password request.

Without the password users can not view the vídeo.

If you wish to protect vídeos from being watched by anyone then Video Password Protection Pro is your ticket.


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