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Power Audio Editor is a multitrack powerful audio editor and recorder. The program is perfect for recording and editing music and podcasts. It has all the tools, effects, and usability to speed up and facilitate an audio editing section.

Power Audio Editor opens each track in its window. The program's multi-window interface allows you to, for example, copy a segment from one audio track in one window and paste it over another track in another window while mixing both. Power Audio editor comes equipped with a built-in audio joiner for you to concatenate audio files employing drag & drop.

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Power Audio Editor has a built-in library of 30+ effects, including silence insertion and extraction, fade-in & fade-out, normalization, pitch change, speed, tempo, equalization, applying noise reduction, changing bass and treble levels, contrast, bandpass, DC Shift, applying phaser, flanger, chorus, reverse, and much more.

Power Audio Editor allows you to record audio from any enabled input source at any given time. Power Audio Editor is convenient: for example, Power Audio Editor will allow you to split an entire audio track on its silence breaks all at once. With Power Audio Editor, you can select one of the many effects and apply it to the whole audio track or a single segment you choose.

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Main Features:

1. Multitrack multi-window editor with cut, copy, paste, and paste and mix.
2. 30+ Effects including silence insertion and extraction, fade-in and fade-out, normalization, pitch, speed, tempo, equalization, noise reduction, bass and treble, contrast, bandpass, DC Shift, and a lot more.
3. Record audio from any input source at any moment.
4. Full non-destructive editing with undo and redo every step of the way.
5. Built-in audio joiner for you to concatenate files employing drag & drop.

Extra Features:

1. Multi-window interface speeds up edition.
2. No limits for undo operations.
3. Ability to keep high quality throughout the edition process.

Power Audio Editor is perfect for creating podcasts, editing music, concatenating audio files, breaking down large audio files by silence, mixing loops and samples, applying fade-in and fade-out, and much more.