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Power Audio Editor is a multitrack geared up audio recorder and editor for the Mac. The program is perfect to record and edit music and podcasts. It has all the tools, effects, and usability skills that can really spped up and facilitate an audio editing section.

With Power Audio Editor, you can copy, paste, paste mixing, cut, trim, split, split at silence, and a lot more. The user interface is track oriented making it very easy to mix tracks, do volume adjustments, fade, noise reduction, reverb, equalization, pitch, speed, tempo, and a lot more.

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Each track has its own window where all operations can be applied and spread across other tracks, for example you can copy a segment from one track nad paste mixing over another track without complication and high position accuracy. Power Audio Editor comes equiped with 30+ different effects and effects can also be applied to segments of tracks. This is another real time saver.

Power Audio Editor easy audio editor has all the features you need to put together your audio edition session quickly and effortlessly.

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Main Features:

1. Multitrack support with cut, copy, paste, and paste and mix, in one track or among tracks.
2. 30+ Effects including Silence Inserction and Extraction, Fade, Normalization, Pitch, Speed, Tempo, Equalization, Noise Reduction, Bass and Treble, Contrast, Band Pass, DC Shift, and a lot more.
3. Record new audio at any moment all whithin the multi-window multitrack environment.
4. Support for MP3 and convertion to 12+ different formats.
5. Full non-destructive editing with undo and redo every step of the way. You really come to trust this.

Extra Features:

1. Intergrated multitrack multi-window envirnoment designed with speed and ease in mind.
2. Ability to mix audio tracks by moving them along a timeline by drag & drop.
3. Ability to keep high quality throughout the edition process.

Power Audio Editor has all the features you need to put together a professional podcast or to edit music, put together collections, break down large audio files by silence, mix loops and samples, fade in and out tracks, and more. Power Audio Editor stands up to the name and then some.