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Protect your videos and your photos against theft and free distribution. Watermark your videos and photos to be able to securely share your audio visual content on-line and off-line. Here is a list of the Watermarkers family capabilities: video watermark software, watermark movie software, watermark video app, watermark videos software pc, pc software to watermark picture files, pc software to watermark batch of photos, watermark photo pc app, watermark photos pc software, watermark batch of photos software for pc.


Change log -> Video Watermarker

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2016-11-17 Rotation of text watermarks.
2016-10-10 All components into one installation package.
2016-9-16 Status bar with quick tips to help the user.
2016-7-29 More secure digital signature.
2016-7-25 Support for more video file types.
2016-7-23 Updates on the user interface.
2016-7-22 Support for FLV files.
2016-7-22 Support for MOV files.
2016-7-21 Support for MP4 files.
2016-2-24 Support for MP4 playback