Screen recording software

screen recording software

If you can see or hear it, you can grab a high-quality copy of it with Capture Boss.

Capture Boss is audio capture and editing software. Capture Boss is an audio recording software capable of recording any device installed on your system. After you record audio, you can use the audio splitter, audio joiner, and audio trimmer that comes with the built-in mp3 audio editor.

audio capture and editing software
video recording software

Capture Boss is a screen video recorder for pc capable of recording the desktop screen in high quality. Capture Boss, the screen recording software, records directly to MP4, WMV, and AVI. You can split, trim, join, and convert video with Capture Boss's built-in video editor.

Capture Boss connects to all devices installed on your system, including webcam, TV card, Camcorder, DVR, Firewire cams, IP cameras, and external audio devices such as LP players and cassette players. Capture Boss is perfect for recording music and voice directly to MP3, also recording the screen directly to MP4.

video recording software

Capture Boss utilizes A.I. to analyze and automatically create ready-to-use jobs you can execute right out of the box. Capture Boss has 20 different job slots, and you can switch between other jobs with one click.

Capture Boss' built-in video editor allows you to convert videos to 16+ distinct formats. The App's built-in audio editor can convert audio files to 14+ different audio formats. Capture Boss offers video and audio editions plus a handful of conversion options. Plus, with Capture Boss, you can send files via e-mail and upload them via FTP.