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ScreenCamera transforms your desktop into a webcam. With ScreenCamera, you can stream live screen capture to YouTube, Facebook, Linked In, and all apps and websites that work with webcams. Plus, ScreenCamera connects to your original webcam and allows you to show screen capture and webcam video on the same video shot in what is called PiP (Picture in Picture).

ScreenCamera can connect to your webcam and split it among multiple applications and websites simultaneously. Windows allows only one application or website to use the computer webcam at a time. ScreenCamera overcomes this operating system limitation.

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ScreenCamera can record your live streaming sessions. ScreenCamera records video directly to MP4, WMV, or AVI. ScreenCamera is a full-featured recorder with support to hot-keys to start and stop recording.

With ScreenCamera, you can overlay images or text over video, meaning you can protect and brand your content. ScreenCamera allows you to zoom in over a region of the screen, or follow a close area around the mouse cursor, and even capture one window exclusively even if it sits hidden on the desktop or minimized.

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Main Features:

1. ScreenCamera is a virtual camera compatible with all live streaming services and applications, including YouTube and Facebook.
2. Full-featured recorder with support for hotkeys and scheduling.
3. Webcam splitter allows you to connect your webcam to multiple services and applications simultaneously.
4. Toolbar with shortcuts to help capture the screen, zoom in, follow the cursor, or grab a window exclusively, even if it is hidden or minimized.

Extra features:

1. Functional user interface.
2. Record video directly to MP4.
3. Stamp images and text over the video to protect and brand.
4. Option to invert video output to suit all possible services and applications.
5. Keep the application toolbar on top of other windows for complete control without interference.

ScreenCamera is a virtual camera for you to go live on YouTube, Facebook streaming your webcam, real-time screen capture, or both in PiP (Picture in Picture). ScreenCamera is also a full-featured recorder with hotkeys and scheduling.