Video2Cartoon turns regular videos into cartoon-looking videos. Video2Cartoon supports all most common video formats such as MOV, MP4, WMV, AVI, and MPG.

Video2Cartoon can turn videos into colorful cartoon-looking videos or black & white pencil-drawn style videos. With Video2Cartoon, you can select a segment of the movie file to convert before starting the conversion process.

The effect you can achieve with Video2Cartoon is only similar to a video effect you can only encounter on expensive video editors.

Video2Cartoon offers you presets you can view before applying, making it easy to browse and pick what you like the best. Video2Cartoon provides a wide range of parameters for you to play with and get the results you require.

Main Features:

1. Ability to transform video into cartoon-looking movies in 3 different modes: Brush, Sketch, and Pencil.
2. Ability to select the movie segment you want to convert before starting the conversion process.
3. Dozens of parameters to tweak cartooning.
4. Sleeky user interface.

Extra Features:

1. WYSIWYG user interface.
2. Ability to export the result to MP4 or MOV.

Video2Cartoon allows you to apply a video filter you can only find otherwise on expensive video editing packages. Video2Cartoon is a standalone application.

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