Convert video to gif

video to gif

HQ GIF Maker is ideal for turning movies into animated GIFs. HQ GIF Maker is also perfect for recording step-by-step tutorials into animated GIFs. HQ GIF Maker also supports the modern WebP format as output.

With HQ GIF Maker, you select the screen region you want to capture and record it. Along the process, you can set the frame rate and trim the recorded content to eliminate unwanted startings and endings. You can record high-motion content such as movies and slow-motion content like tutorials.

HQ GIF Maker automatically calculates the best 256 colors to form the GIF image palette, so animated GIFs created with HQ GIF Maker always look the best possible. HQ GIF Maker also exports to TrueColor WebP. HQ GIF Maker allows you to set the frame rate in which you will record screen content. The same frame rate will determine the speed at which the animation will play on browsers. You should set a high frame rate of 24 frames per second for high motion content such as movies and a low frame as low as five frames per second for tutorials to keep their size small.

With HQ GIF Maker, you can record, and afterward, you can get rid of unwanted beginnings & endings and export the production part only. This feature is a true time-saver because you keep your recording sessions count very low. Plus, you can export the animation in a resolution different than the original, so you can, for example, scale your movie down at the export time.

Main Features:

1. HQ GIF Maker creates animated GIFs and WebP with the best possible quality.
2. Ability to trim recorded content before exporting.
3. Ability to scale output dimension regardless of the recording resolution.
4. Ability to set capture frame rate. Low frame rates create small files.

Extra Features:

1. Step by step guidance: record, trim, and export.
2. Special palette selection algorithm to determine the best 256 colors in which to generate animated GIFs. It analyzes the recorded video frames and comes up with the best color selection for reproduction quality.

HQ GIF Maker is a simple yet powerful tool with all the tricks you need to create excellent-looking animated GIFs or TrueColor WebP animations of movies or tutorials.