Face morphing software

photo morphing

Multiple Face Morpher is perfect for creating morphing transformations of one face turning to the next seamlessly until the list is over. Multiple Face Morpher is ideal for aging morphing animations where you add photographs of the same person over time. Multiple Face Morpher also works excellent with faces of different people.

With Multiple Face Morpher, you add portrait photographs, order them optionally, and immediately you can export your animation and preview any stage of the entire morphing transformation simply by pulling a slider. Multiple Face Morpher offers no hassle nor learning curve.

face morphing software
photo morphing

A brief step by step of how Multiple Face Morpher works:
1.The program uses AI to detect the facial points of all portraits.
2.The program aligns all faces for optimum results cropping out parts of the photographs when necessary.
3.The App applies Delaunay's triangulation using the facial points to create the triangle mesh of all faces.
4.The App applies the morphing algorithm to go from mesh one to mesh two, making the necessary point translations from the triangles in mesh one to the triangles in mesh two and properly merging the colors at every transformation step. The program then repeats the process for the next face on the list until the end.

Multiple Face Morpher allows you to see the triangulation mesh of all portraits and any frame along the animation timeline. This feature shows you how the transformation works. With Multiple Face Morpher, you can export morphing animations to MP4 video, animated GIF, or WebP. The program also allows you to set the frame rate in which the morphing will play on media players and websites.

face morph

Main Features:

1. AI Face Recognition followed by meshing by Delaunay's triangulation.
2. Preview any stage of the morphing transformation using a slider.
3. Export to MP4, animated GIF, or WebP.
4. Set the frame rate the animation will play on players and websites.

Extra Features:

1. Ability to share results on social media or e-mail.
2. Option to show the triangulation mesh at all stages of the transformation.

Multiple Face Morpher is perfect for creating fantastic morphing transformations of a sequence of faces. Multiple Face Morpher offers plenty of output choices. Multiple Face Morpher also offers plenty of sharing options.