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Face Morpher creates amazing animations of one face morphing to the other seamlessly:
1. The program utilizes AI to detect the facial points of both portraits.
2. Then, the application aligns the faces, automatically cropping and scaling the pictures if necessary.
3. Using Delaunay's triangulation for optimal results, the program creates triangle meshes for both faces.
4. Then, the app applies the morphing algorithm. You can position the timeline slider at any point of the transformation.

If you wish to make morphing with multiple faces, check Multiple Face Morpher. Face Morpher allows you to save any stage of the transformation to an image file on your hard disk, and you can also play and preview the transformation before exporting it to video.

face morphing software
photo morphing

The program can export the morphing transformation to several video formats, including MP4. You can also export the morphing transformation to animated GIFs or animated WebP. WebP is a modern format created by Google previewed to be the next standard for images and animations on the Internet. The WebP format generates small files and supports over 16 million colors.

With Face Morpher, you can set the speed to export. The transformation includes all the frames when you put the rate to export to slow mode. If you select speedy exportation, then the program automatically discards frames. Either way, the results are eye-dazzling. You can also set the animation speed at which it will play on Internet pages and media players.

face morph

Main Features:

1. AI face recognition followed by Delaunay's triangulation. If you search for how you should do facial morphing, this method is what you will find.
2. Preview any stage of the morphing transformation using a timeline slider.
3. Export to MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, FLV, MPG, animated GIF, or animated WebP.
4. Set the speed the animation will play on players and websites.

Extra Features:

1. Ability to share results instantly on social media and e-mail.
2. Ability to observe the triangulation mesh stages to understand better how the underneath mathematics works.
3. Ability to save stages of the transformation to PNG images on your hard disk.

Face Morpher is perfect for creating stunning morphing transformations between two faces. Face Morpher offers plenty of output choices and means of sharing your morphing animation on social media and e-mail.