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Remote Surveillance Pro is a remote webcam surveillance software, remote microphone surveillance software, and remote desktop screen surveillance software. You can run multiple instances of Remote Surveillance Pro at once, which allows you to monitor multiple sources simultaneously.

Remote Surveillance Pro comes with a built-in Internet webserver to publish a secure website right from your PC. Once you log into your website, you will have instant access to live video & audio, recorded movies, and audio files of the detected activity, plus view timestamped captured photos in a slideshow format. Remote Surveillance Pro also records user pressed keys on the computer when monitoring the desktop screen, and you can view all keystrokes in text format on your website.

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remote video camera surveillance

Remote Surveillance Pro utilizes A.I. to analyze your hardware and create several ready-to-be-executed jobs. When you first run Remote Surveillance Pro, the first screen you will see is a list of jobs to choose from and immediately start monitoring.

With Remote Surveillance Pro, you can receive e-mails with images and videos every time action is detected. Remote Surveillance Pro comes with highly accurate self-regulating motion detectors and sound detectors capable of detecting the slightest bit of activity and recording until there is motion or sound.

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Main Features:

1. Built-in professional webserver to serve photos, videos, and audio of detected activity on your secure website.
2. Motion and sound detection sensors are on point accurate and will register any event out of the ordinary.
3. Ability to connect to webcam, computer screen, and microphone remotely.
5. Photos and videos have timestamps.
6. You can review captured activity on a slideshow format designed for you to find essential events quickly.

Extra Features:

1. The program utilizes AI to analyze your hardware and create ready-to-execute jobs right out of the box.
2. Ability to view user keystrokes in text format when remotely monitoring the computer screen.

Remote Surveillance Pro is perfect for keeping a distant eye and ear on your computer, webcam, and microphone.