ScreenCamera.Net Freeware Installer

PCWinSoft has released a freeware version of ScreenCamera.Net fully functional and registered after installation.

ScreenCamera.Net is a real-time video recording and streaming studio which can be used to record customized content as well as stream it directly to the Internet or to Media Servers. ScreenCamera.Net supports at the same time video cameras, video files, audio tracks, all desktop screen monitors, plus it supports images, text stamps, date and time stamps, polygons, shapes, and drawing. Mix video clips with audio tracks, screen capture, animated text strings, images, live cameras, and much more in a layer-by-layer frame-by-frame fashion.

You can download and install ScreenCamera.Net Freeware from here:

Download and Install ScreenCamera.Net Freeware

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AVI desktop recorder software for pc ScreenCamera is a full featured PC screen recorder. The software user interface is a simple toolbar with a few buttons that allows you to have full control over which part of the screen you want to capture. ScreenCamera allows you to draw over the video output and also add a watermark to the video output like a logo or an image. Plus ScreenCamera is a virtual camera that allows you to share your screen and webcam on multiple applications at the same time.

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SuperLauncher is a productivity tool that works by diminishing the time taken to do common tasks. The program gives you fast access to your files, folders, websites, and applications. It is a true time saver and once you start using it and start realizing the benefits you will know how much time it can save for you allowing you to do more in less time.

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Hope you enjoy it. It was first born when I needed ways to do more in less time and Windows start menu was not efficient. In fact SuperLauncher was the first program I made commercially available. It was the first PCWinSoft Software product.

Thanks for reading,

Alessandro Ferri