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PCWinSoft is giving FREE licenses of ScreenCamera which otherwise you would pay $49.90 for.

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AVI desktop recorder software for pc ScreenCamera is a full featured PC screen recorder. The software user interface is a simple toolbar with a few buttons that allows you to have full control over which part of the screen you want to capture. ScreenCamera allows you to draw over the video output and also add a watermark to the video output like a logo or an image. Plus ScreenCamera is a virtual camera that allows you to share your screen and webcam on multiple applications at the same time.

Face Morphing Video Maker Software for Mac

Have you ever seen videos and animations where faces morph from one to another again and again generating amazing visuals?

If you have, then you know there is no solution on the market able to turn a batch of portraits of any size, full body, face only, into a ready to share amazing video.

There wasn’t. Now Multiple Face Morpher makes exactly that: Turns batches of portraits into amazing face morphing vídeos.

There is no hassle from the user side: You input the portraits and Multiple Face Morpher delivers you amazing face morphing vídeos.

Multiple Face Morpher works on Macs with MacOS 10.7 or higher. You can download and install Multiple Face Morpher from here:

Download and Install Multiple Face Morpher for Mac

It is now truly easy to get face morphing amazing videos like same person portraits throughout the years, or friends, or any combination of faces you can imagine, get amazing vídeos with no efforts involved.

You get 21 days of free use with no limitations, so you can have tons of fun for free.

Giveaway for Animiz Video Software

Giveaway for Animiz

Animated Video Software 6 Months Standard Plan

Want to get more traffic from the video marketing? Are you Ready to create the animated videos to catch the eyes of the audiences? Do you know the killer animated video software—Animiz? Animiz is the professional animated video software that enables users to create animated training videos, animated explainer videos, product advertising videos and more.

Animiz animated video software includes two parts—the desktop editing software and online publishing platform. There are three interfaces on the desktop editing software: starting interface, editing interface and publishing interface. As for the online publishing platform, it is free for all of you to publish the video online.

Why choose Animiz animated video software

  • Easy to use


No coding, no designing experience needed. Everyone can create animated videos in minutes. And there are two animated video creation tutorials for beginners and professionals to refer to on the website.

  • Rich video assets


It has 300+ built-in templates, 500+ animated roles, 1000+ royalty-free vector images, and 200+ dynamic animation effects. Everything needed is prepared for your unique creation.

  • Simple multi-track timeline


It has a simple multi-track timeline to customize background, camera, captions and animations. You can drag and drop to extend /shorten the display time. The entrance and exit effect of the content is on your control.

  • Cooling animation effects


Hundreds of cooling animation effects to easily bring your animated videos to life. All of the animation effect can help to make the video engaging and lead the audience to think as you are.

  • Captions and voiceover


Make your animated videos more impressive with explanative captions and voiceover. The voice makes the video more convincing than the silent video.

  • Interactive camera effect


It is super easy for you to create animated videos with great zooming, panning and rotating


How to activate Animiz account as the 6-month standard user with “Activation Code”?

Please use the activate code: YTRI-M2JH-YWY0-MMRH-MTM0 to upgrade your account as standard user before October 20.

1 – First sign up an Animiz account with your email

2 – Login with your created account

3 – Activate your account with the activation code.

Click “Activation Code” button, then enter Activation Code and Verification Code inside the box, ‘Submit” to activate your Animiz account.

View image

4 – Get the success notification.

When you succeed, you can get the notification. The expiration time depends on the day you activate the code.

5 – Login Animiz Desktop Version

After above steps are done, you can download Animiz desktop version to start making your stylish videos and gifs.

6 – Download Animiz Desktop Version

Download Animiz Desktop Version for Windows

Windows 10 Fast Startup Problems

Windows 10 introduced a feature called ‘Fast Startup’ which allows the computer to start faster and Windows recommends to have it enabled however there are problems occurring due to the ‘Fast Startup’ feature.

Among the problems Windows 10 ‘Fast Startup’ brings is the incorrect loading of device drivers. Windows 10 ‘Fast Startup’ does NOT load drivers properly and that is a fact.

So, if you are using Windows 10 and your network keeps dropping or your printer does not work or your video cameras and virtual video cameras don’t work with applications like Skype for example then you should disable Windows 10 ‘Fast Startup’ and everything will go back to working properly again.

I believe Microsoft’s idea is valid but the technology is not ready yet so I recommend to turn it off on your Windows 10.

Note also that important Windows 10 updates re-enable ‘Fast Startup’, so make sure to check your ‘Fast Startup’ settings after a Windows 10 update.

You can use the following steps to enable or disable fast startup.

1. Type Control Panel in the search box.
2. Click Control Panel.
3. Click Power Options.
4. Click Choose what the power buttons do.
5. Click Change settings that are currently unavailable.
6. Scroll down to Shutdown settings and uncheck Turn on fast startup. Click Save changes.

Thanks for reading up. Until the next article.
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SuperLauncher Giveaway

SuperLauncher is a productivity tool that works by diminishing the time taken to do common tasks. The program gives you fast access to your files, folders, websites, and applications. It is a true time saver and once you start using it and start realizing the benefits you will know how much time it can save for you allowing you to do more in less time.

SuperLauncher costs $29.90 but we are now giving SupwerLauncher licenses away. Make sure you take on the offer. It is very worth it.

To get your free license o to the Giveaway Page.

Hope you enjoy it. It was first born when I needed ways to do more in less time and Windows start menu was not efficient. In fact SuperLauncher was the first program I made commercially available. It was the first PCWinSoft Software product.

Thanks for reading,

Alessandro Ferri