Face Morphing Video Maker Software for Mac

Have you ever seen videos and animations where faces morph from one to another again and again generating amazing visuals?

If you have, then you know there is no solution on the market able to turn a batch of portraits of any size, full body, face only, into a ready to share amazing video.

There wasn’t. Now Multiple Face Morpher makes exactly that: Turns batches of portraits into amazing face morphing vídeos.

There is no hassle from the user side: You input the portraits and Multiple Face Morpher delivers you amazing face morphing vídeos.

Multiple Face Morpher works on Macs with MacOS 10.7 or higher. You can download and install Multiple Face Morpher from here:

Download and Install Multiple Face Morpher for Mac

It is now truly easy to get face morphing amazing videos like same person portraits throughout the years, or friends, or any combination of faces you can imagine, get amazing vídeos with no efforts involved.

You get 21 days of free use with no limitations, so you can have tons of fun for free.

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