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Family ScreenCamera

The family ScreenCamera is a group of full featured desktop screen recorders with the extra ability to serve as virtual cameras thus providing a video output to be shared on webcam applications and websites. Tucows rated ScreenCamera.Net with 5 stars.


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2017-10-26 Transparent mode enabled for Windows 10.
2017-6-8 UI improvements and important bug corrections.
2016-12-25 Important bug corrections.
2016-10-10 UI improvements and important bug corrections.
2016-7-28 More secure digital signature.
2016-6-8 MP4 Recorder.
2016-5-24 Automatic zoom in and zoom out only under follow cursor mode.
2016-4-9 Ability to draw arrows, rectangles and ellipses over video.
2016-3-10 Compatibility with Windows 10.
2016-2-10 Important bug corrections.