1AVStreamer Help
Select compressed JPG quality

You can capture snapshots from any video device that you have installed in your system and that 1AVStreamer is able to connect to.

You can grab snapshots from your web cam, PC screen, window or region, TV tuner, and external video devices.

All snapshots that you grab are directly saved to compressed JPG format, and you can define the quality you want to capture snapshots in.

You can select the level of quality you want for captured images using the 'Image quality' slider on the 'Profile Settings' dialog. For the 'Grab/Upload' task you will find the image quality slider at the 'Grab/Upload settings' dialog.

Images are captured directly into compressed JPG format.

You can select a quality level between 0 and 100.

Quality 0 - Very small image, Lowest quality
Quality 100 - Not so small image,  Highest quality

Note that even when captured with the highest quality images will still have a small size because of the JPG compression.