1AVCapture Help
Capture Profiles

1AVCapture allows you to capture audio or video from any source available on your system and it also allows you to combine video and audio. So, as you can see, there are innumerous possibilities of capture sources available but without capture profiles there would be no means of keeping all of them available for you to switch at any time. That's what a capture profile is used for.

1AVCapture will analyze your hardware and create a number of capture profiles that you can use right out-the-box.

Nineteen capture profiles are available.

Each capture profile will have at least one video or audio source and can also have both.

Learn about which audio sources and video sources you can include in a capture profile.

Learn more about:

  • What is a capture profile?
  • How to select or change the active capture profile
  • How to create a new capture profile
  • How to automatically detect hardware and create profiles
  • Change format of video source (dimensions, frame-rate, ..)